Lunch & Dinner Home Meal Delivery Terms

  1. All payments are to be paid in full on the 1st day of the delivery
  2. No refund will be given for early cancellation or termination of order before the date of expiry.
  3. In the event where the customer has yet to make payments, early termination of the course will be chargeable at $15 per person per meal delivered.
  4. For cheque payments, kindly cross the cheque and made payable to "Jessie Catering Pte Ltd".
  5. Please write your address at the back of the cheque for easy reference. You can either hand it to our driver or send it by mail to us.
  6. All customers are allowed to defer their home meal delivery at a maximum of 2 times within their term of 20 days, as long as the notice of deferment is given to the office 1 working day in advance, before 5pm. Our drivers are not responsible for such notices.
  7. Last-minute deferment notices after the stipulated deadline may be subjected as forfeiture of delivery.
  8. The maximum duration allowed for each time of deferment is limited to 2 weeks.
  9. A deferment of over 2 weeks will result in the cancellation of the order, and no refund will be given.
  10. For customers who opt to use our stainless steel container, the containers are to be washed and cleaned thoroughly after use. The cleaned containers will then be exchanged with a new set the next delivery day.
  11. The metal containers will be damaged if placed under direct fire. We reserve the right to charge an amount of S$30 if any one of the compartment is stained, dented or lost due to mishandling by our customers
  12. Under our Auto Renewal System, a new cycle of 20 days will be automatically renewed and imposed upon the customer if we do not receive any notice of cancellation or termination 3 days before the date of expiry.
  13. Food is best consumed before 1pm for lunch, and before 6.15pm for dinner.
  14. Customers are advised to store the food in the refrigerator upon receiving the food, and heat up via 2~3 minutes of high heat in the microwave, or 11~15 minutes of steaming prior to consuming the food, for hygiene reasons.

Confinement Meal Delivery Terms

  1. One day trial meal available at $45.00 per meal. Call us at 6246-4644 for more information.
  2. Trial meal's amount waived for 28 days delivery order
  3. All meals are served in dispoable containers.
  4. Rice and Tea included.
  5. One Day Trail Meals Available at $45.00 per meal. Accepts only phone call order. Cash On Delivery..
  6. Trial Meal amount will be offset from subsequent 28 days deliveries bill..

Defer Meal Deliveries

We understand there may be days you wish to defer the home meal deliveries due to whatever reasons. We will defer the delivery only if the time we deliver the food is at least 48 hours from the time we receive your request.

The new deferred date shall be the day immediately after the last day of your cycle delivery. Or, in other words, all your delivery dates are pushed one day forward.

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