Confinement/Convalescence Nourishment Meals


The tradition of post-natal confinement of a woman after childbirth has been practiced by the Asian cultures for thousands of years. A healthy and nutritious diet during the confinement period is highly essential to the mother's post-natal recovery.

Confinement period traditionally lasted 30 days. During this period, prescribing the right type of food will accelerate the healing of injuries by promoting the contraction of the uterus, inducing lactation and physiological stabilization.

Convalescence or gradual recovery from injury similarly requires proper nourishment to bring the body back to optimal health. In Jessie Catering, we know exactly what a recovering body needs during this time of recuperation. Our confinement/convalescence menu are carefully selected and cooked by our experienced chefs - who has been following the traditional recipes that has been handled down by fore-parents for many generations.

We have a comprehensive confinement/convalescence recipe specially for the recovering customer. We offer a 7, 14, 21 and 28 days of lunch and dinner package home delivery that includes Saturday and Sunday. Deferring a delivery is also possible with our flexible package with just a day in advance phone call or email.

sample menu

Single Meal (Lunch OR Dinner) Price w/gst
7 days $228.95 $245.00
14 days $457.95 $490.00
21 days $686.90 $735.00
28 days $915.90 $980.00
Dual Meals (Lunch AND Dinner) Price w/gst
7 days $441.20 $472.00
14 days $882.30 $944.00
21 days $1,323.40 $1,416.00
28 days $1,764.50 $1,8888.00
  • One day trial meal available at $45.00 per meal. Call us at 6246-4644 for more information.
  • Trial meal's amount waived for 28 days delivery order
  • All meals are served in dispoable containers.
  • Rice and Tea included.
  • One Day Trail Meals Available at $45.00 per meal. Accepts only phone call order. Cash On Delivery..
  • Trial Meal amount will be offset from subsequent 28 days deliveries bill..
  • ** For healthier option, choice of Steamed rice with Pumpkin or Brown Rice available.

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